Scharf and Moore:

The wrong leaders for Cupertino

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October 14, 2020

Scharf is Bully-in-Chief at Cupertino City Council debate.

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As reported in Cupertino Today, about the recent Cupertino Chamber of Commerce sponsored City Council debate, Scharf repeatedly made false attacks on his opponents, calling them “developer-funded and controlled” and having a “hidden agenda.” Scharf failed to present any evidence of his charges.  Doesn’t Scharf’s false attacks, with no evidence, and negative campaigning sound familiar to anyone?

The paper also reported that “Scharf also regularly questioned the intelligence of his opponents.” Scharf seems to have taken a page right out of the worst Presidential debate in history.  Over and over again, Scharf demonstrates he is not the person to bring Cupertino together.  He regularly seeks to divide our community as opposed to uniting us.

Thankfully, J.R. Fruen and Hung Wei were able to point to their broad base of local support. “Fruen told voters to look at campaign donation reports to see exactly who was supporting the candidates,” according to the paper.

Of course, Kitty Moore refused to take responsibility for her failures around the Vallco project. She led the fail Vallco SB 35 lawsuit, which cost Cupertino taxpayers thousands in legal fees. Despite losing in court, Moore falsely denied costing the city money. And in a wild and confused statement, she tried to shift blame onto Wei and Fruen – who are not even on the Council or Planning Commission.

The Cupertino Chamber of Commerce sponsored the event. All five candidates were in attendance: Mayor Steven Scharf, Planning Commission Chair Kitty Moore, Hung Wei, J.R. Fruen, and Charlene Lee.

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